Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I use Space Rocks?

Space rocks are used the same way as a clamshell. The only difference is you don't need to break any pieces off as they are already sectioned off for you. We recommend using 2-3 chunks at a time.

What are the white spots on my wax?

Natural soy wax often has some frosting which can look like white spots. This is due to the chemical reaction of the wax mixed with fragrance oil and exposed to temperature fluctuations. While this appearance isn't ideal it will not impact the fragrance or how the wax melts or burns.

When will you have Candles?

Candles require a substantial amount of testing for safety and performance. We are working hard to get our candle testing completed and will be excited to launch them in our current collection scents.

What other products do you have?

We are working on several new products and they will be released as soon as they have gone through the proper testing.

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What do I do with used wax?

Once your wax melts no longer have a scent you have a few options :

You can discard the wax

You can use the wax to make firestarters

You can use the wax in multiple arts and crafts

There are many web resources and creative options - we encourage you to find the perfect solution for your needs

I live locally, Do you have a Pick-Up Option?

We do have a pick-up option in Poway. Please select Local Poway PickUp as your "shipping" option and we will reach out to you within 1 business day to arrange. Pick-ups by appointment only.

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